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What We Do ?

Translating Documents

If you need a translation for your purposes such as company registration, school enrollment, marriage, residency permit, and others we will assist you in translating documents.
  • We will send you a quotation (if required)
  • We will estimate a project (translation material) includes total costs, duration, and total translation result page
  • Down payment will be charged to you
  • Executing translation after you make down payment.

Document Delivery

Translation result documents will send to your address by our courier or other expedition services.
Delivery cost will be charged to you.

Attestation Services

Here, we only assist you to obtain an attestation of your documents from the relevant agency (a government institution) in Jakarta. We will prepare any required additional documents and submit an application of attestation to the relevant agency in order to obtain an attestation.

How our assist will be given to you ?
  • After the price of our services is agreed by you.
  • After we receive an original valid document and any required additional documents from you
  • Communication is important.

Attestation services to the following relevant agency:
  • Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Embassy or Representative office

In some cases, application for attestation of your documents to the foregoing relevant agency will require a prior validation from a notary or another relevant department and such cost will be charged to you.

For further information please contact us.
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