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  • Penerjemah Bahasa Inggris

    English translation services for your documents from any type and form of documents. 100% satisfaction guarantee, Fast, and low in price, include translate dokumen untuk visa

  • Penerjemah Bahasa Indonesia

    Our services for translating Bahasa Indonesia from source-text to target-text of your documents. 100% satisfaction guarantee, Fast, and murah or low in price.

  • Apostille Services

    An apostille services for authentication of your personal or company documents for any purposes that need apostille at Ministry of LHR, Ministry of FA, and Embassy or Representative Office.

Translating many Documents

  • Legal Doc. Contracts, affidavits, notarial deed (akta pendirian), birth certificates, powers of attorney, wills, marriage certificates, immigration, etc.

  • Business Doc. Invoices, statements, notices, employee handbooks, policies, signs, websites, etc.

  • Public Relations. Brochures, advertisements, signs, press releases, web pages, etc.

  • Medical Doc. Medical instructions, health plans, signs, etc.

  • Academic Doc. Handouts, books, etc.

  • Governmental. Tax forms, notices, voting materials, signs, etc.

  • Personal Doc. Transcripts, adoption documents, genealogy information, personal relations, etc.

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